PLR Board Raising Funds by Garage Sales

Promise Land Ranch board members not only share the good news of the work we are all contributing towards at Promise Land Ranch School (and that our generous donors make possible! thank you!!!), but they also earn more funds with good old fashioned hard work.

The problem is funding for a non-profit is not always consistent and seldom enough to meet all our desires. We try to make up for a lack of funds by doing without. That means in-kind donations, volunteering, and our own hard work.

In 2017 the Promise Land Ranch board brainstormed how to bring in a more consistent flow of funds. We each found a few items we didn't need around the house anymore and decided to host our very first garage sale.

We earned $1 that day. 


Since then we ran __ more garage sales and earned over $ , ! 

Garage Sale Proceeds

The work of hosting each garage sale was just too much for a team of just 7 and a few more volunteers, so we put on our thinking caps, once again. Then the VR Store (Virtual Reality Store) was birthed. The VR store enables us to sell donated furniture by advertising on local platforms like Craigslist.

Not only are we enabled to reach a larger audience, but many of the people who purchased our items often love our ministry. We have received donations and even gently used pieces of furniture from our own customers!  The word is spreading about PLR and now we have several friends and new acquaintances that call us repeatedly for pick up of their giveaways.

Consistent funding is very difficult to find in the non-profit world - that's why we value our generous donors continued contributions so much! 


Please consider making a donation here.