Our Mission:


We give children the opportunity to attend the only Christian, tuition free school in Ghana, Africa. Moreover, we provide students with Health Care plus two meals a day and fresh bottled water to live happy, healthy lives. 


Our Mission

To encourage children to:

  - Glorify God using their Gifts of the Spirit

  - Inspire greatness in themselves and others

  - Embrace positive change in their communities

by providing our students with a quality faith-based education, a safe environment, and healthcare.

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Our Impact

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years serving communities

Our team has built strong relationships in the Ghana community through their work over the past eight years. 



teachers on-site

Over a dozen teachers from the community are employed through the efforts of Promise Land Ranch.



students currently enrolled

We are meeting a significant need for families within the local community who can't afford their child's tuition.


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Volunteer opportunities

With your help we can make a bigger impact! Contribute your time to developing the school as it grows.

Make a Donation

Contribute a small amount periodically or make a one-time donation to have a lasting impact on children's lives.